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World Music

A great thing about travel is the opportunity to hear different music from around the world. Here, we present the hottest new music from across the globe that you've probably never heard before!

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Many travelers' favorite part about globetrotting is indulging in local cuisine. Find recipes, national dishes, restaurant reviews and more in this section.

Editor-In-Chief: Alexandra Mahoney

Alexandra Mahoney is an avid world traveler, multi-instrumentalist and satisfactory chef who combines these three passions to create Travel, Listen, Eat, Repeat.

With a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and a double minor in Spanish and music from Indiana University, Alexandra is dedicated to cross-cultural understanding and spreading awareness about different cultures. She has lived abroad in Spain and Thailand for over four years and has visited 29 countries during this time.

She believes gaining global perspective is the only way to truly understand others and the ways in which different people from around the world live and coexist with one another.

Other than her blog focusing on travel, music and food, Alexandra is a freelance journalist who writes for several publications focusing on similar topics. She is also an online English teacher to students in Beijing, China.

In her free time, Alexandra enjoys playing the guitar and piano, singing, hula hoop, salsa and bachata dancing, cooking and learning new languages.

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